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Membership Categories

Membership dues are based on a calendar year beginning with your sign up month. Membership status is reviewed by the Board of Directors on a continuing basis. MPA has the following classes of members:

Voting — $85.00 per year — A Voting Membership is open ONLY to any individual employed as a Paralegal at the time of Application or Renewal. Voting members shall have the right to vote for election of officers and other matters of importance to MPA. Voting Members shall also have the right to hold an elected office.

Associate — $85.00 per year — An Associate Membership is open ONLY to any individual who has been employed as a Paralegal, or has graduated from a Paralegal program and is not currently employed, or is not currently employed as a Paralegal at the time of Application or Renewal. An Associate Member shall not be entitled to vote or hold office.

Student — $50.00 per year — A Student Membership is open ONLY to any person enrolled in a Paralegal training program,or serving a Paralegal internship at the time of Application or Renewal. Upon graduation, a Student Member shall, at the time of Renewal, renew as an Associate or Voting Member. A Student Member shall not be entitled to vote or hold office.

Sustaining — $350.00 per year — A Sustaining Member membership is open to organizations, schools, law firms, companies, and advertisers of the MPA who are concerned with the betterment of the Paralegal profession. A Sustaining Member shall not be entitled to vote or hold office.

Member Benefits

Undoubtedly the greatest member benefit is the combined force of many paralegals working together to advance their profession. Members of MPA are forward-thinkng and each year discuss changes in the legal profession and how these changes might impact the profession and individual careers. Being involved in these discussions is invigorating and motivating. In addition members enjoy these specific benefits:

Programs: The MPA holds social events throughout the year providing members with opportunities to network with their peers.

FREE membership in the National Federation of Paralegal Associations: NFPA membership is automatically included with your MPA membership and provides a multitude of additional benefits. For all the details visit www.paralegals.org.

Publications: MPA membership also includes a subscription to The National Paralegal Reporter, the official publication of the National Federation of Paralegal Associations, also published quarterly.

Job Bank: Job notices are frequently posted on the MPA website specifically for members; many of these jobs are not advertised elsewhere. Email notices are sent to members announcing each new opportunity.

Continuing Education: Throughout the year, the MPA sponsors continuing education seminars, including brown bag lunch and specialty section programs, and co-sponsors seminars with Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education, Inc. and the MBA.

CLE/MPA Seminar Discounts: A discount is available for all co-sponsors of MPA/MCLE seminars.

MCLE Practice Manual Discount: A 10% discount on the Massachusetts Paralegal Practice Manual published by MCLE.

Annual Meeting: Hosted each year in October. This event is a great opportunity to network and socialize.

Pro Bono & Volunteer Opportunities: The MPA works to provide volunteer opportunities for paralegals to work in a public interest capacity in private, governmental and community organizations.

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